Fantom DAO

What is Fantom DAO?

  • Welcome to Fantom DAO, the magical world where dreams come true through a community-governed platform that is fair for everyone.

  • As an innovative 'decentralized reserve currency protocol', Fantom DAO provides the investors safe, easy, and sustainable wealth creation through 'Staking' and 'Bonding'. Fantom DAO overcomes the limitations of first-generation reserve currency protocols, as most of the liquidity pool is owned by the protocol. In addition to that Fantom DAO is different from the stablecoin system as each MAGIC token is backed by a basket of assets in its treasury, giving it a solid price floor that it cannot fall below.

  • Fantom DAO is the Go-to DeFi 2.0 for the Fantom network to grow the Fantom ecosystem and share the profits with the community while utilizing the speed, security, and scalability that Fantom Offers.

Why Fantom DAO is different and safe?

The most crucial aspect of DeFi 2.0 investment is to be safe from 'rug-pull' and 'price inflation'. Fantom DAO has proved its safety and sustainability through KYC from 'Assure DeFi' that ensures security for holders, and buyback function that can control inflation. We are committed to the security and sustainability of our investors and we believe this to be a hugely positive step for the Fantom DAO community.

How do I participate in Fantom DAO?

There are two main ways to join Fantom DAO family:

  • 👨‍🌾Staking - Stake your MAGIC token is back tokens in return for more MAGIC token is backtokens and receive automated compounding interests.

  • 👨‍💼Bonding - Purchase MAGIC token at a hugely discount rate in exchange for other reserve assets (e.g. DAI)

The main benefit for 'Stakers' comes from supply growth. When there are proceeds from bond sales, New MAGIC tokens are minted from the treasury and are redistributed to the stakers. The gain for stakers comes from their auto-compounding balances which rebase 3 times per day, which become exponential value. You can unstake your token at any time.

The main benefit for 'Bonders' comes from price stability. Bonders can purchase MAGIC tokens with a discount rate, allowing them to benefit from a stable or increasing price of MAGIC tokens after a fixed vesting period. Bonds are redeemable as they vest as well.

What does Fantom DAO's future hold?

Short-term Vision of Fantom DAO

Fantom DAO aims to grow the Fantom ecosystem and share the profits with the community. Fantom DAO IDO launchpad platform will introduce high-quality crypto startups that are KYC approved in order to provide Fantom DAO users with the earliest access to 'New yet Safe' projects, with the goal of achieving safe, easy, and sustainable wealth creation for everybody. Fantom DAO Launchpad will become the crypto incubator that uses its treasury to cultivate, incubate, and invest in early-stage crypto projects, creating exponential values for investors.

Long-term Vision of Fantom DAO

Our goal is to build a policy-controlled currency system, native on the Fantom Chain, which allows MAGIC token to serve as a worldwide unit of account and medium of exchange currency. Fantom DAO is optimizing the system every day for the most stability and consistency.

Why is Fantom DAO unique and exciting?

Fantom DAO provides a sustainable model utilizing the token economy of MAGIC token along with its NFT. Combining the DeFi ecosystem and the NFT ecosystem improves the reward mechanism, and higher rewards are provided to users who utilize it. Fantom DAO is developing NFTs which will be utilized in many ways to boost the rate of return, and plans to incorporate them with a Sandbox Game that we create to provide further benefits of 'Play to Earn' (P2E). The revenue generated by the game will support the expansion of not only the game, but the Fantom DAO Ecosystem as a whole.

Who founded Fantom DAO?

The Fantom DAO core team has a diverse background and worldwide presence. The team is all from DeFi community with backgrounds in engineering in Binance, marketing Execution as CMO of various projects, reputable advisor group, strategic business analytics, and more. Everyone in Fantom DAO truly believes in the constant evolution of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and their aim is to help every individual achieve freedom in finance.

Fantom DAO follows the rule of equal opportunity. There is no major authority or team allocation, so everyone is equal. We are actively working towards the goal of becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and our executive has verified their full identity with 'Assure Defi' in order to ensure the security of our investors and the project.

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