Bonding (1, 1)

Fast return investment strategy.

Bonding is Fantom DAO's secondary value accumulation approach.

When users buy MAGIC tokens bonds, they are effectively selling their assets to the protocol in order to purchase MAGIC tokens at a discounted rate. The protocol provides the bonder with terms that specify the amount of MAGIC tokens that the bonder will get on the date on which vesting will be completed.

Bonding is a quickly profitable investment strategy.

Bonds are redeemable as they vest; For example, after two days into a five-day term, 40% of the benefits may be collected and at the end of the vesting term, the full amount will be claimable.

By allowing users to purchase bonds, Fantom DAO is able to build up its own liquidity. This not only increases the certainty for Fantom DAO investors, but also allows the protocol to accrue increasing revenue from LP rewards, providing the project strong sustainability through bolstered treasury.

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